The Building

Varna Towers Building

The Varna Towers Complex is situated on a key road junction in the Sea Capital of Bulgaria, on the corner of two major boulevards - Vl. Varnenchik and Republika, and is within 10 minutes drive both from the city centre and Varna International Airport.

Currently, Varna Towers operates mainly as an office centre. The tenancy of the commercial part is the major goal of the new owner – Piraeus Bank. Now, with the re-launching plan in action, the aim is to bring recognizable retail brands and generally revive the Mall’s trade activity.

The basic idea is to implement the concept of outlet centre and reintroduce the Mall as a family entertainment centre featuring the biggest children indoor playground in the city.

Land Plot:10,453 m2

Gross Build Area:81,506 m2

Total Gross Lease Area:47,604 m2

Mall Gross

Lease Area:29,067 m2

Offices Gross Lease Area: 18,537 m2

Leased Area:15,074 m2

Number of Parking Spaces:600

Occupancy Ratio:8% (Shops)
70.0% (Offices + Warehouses)


Varna is the third largest city in Bulgaria, and the main city in the region. The population of the Varna municipality district is 474 076 people. Its location on the Northern shore of the Black Sea, along with its richness in natural resources make Varna one of the famous resorts in Europe, and the largest one in the Black Sea region. It also happens to be on a crossroad between Western Europe and the Middle East.

Port Varna, Varna International Airport, well developed infrastructure and railroad networks define the city as a major transport link with local, national and international significance.

Five universities operate on the territory of the municipality educating more than 31 000 students.